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Expansion – New Moon in Leo

Since the last New Moon in Leo, 23.07.2017, I am restless. It was in perfect opposition to my natal Venus in Aquarius in 2nd house. I like working, but these days it is a bit too much. I have an upcoming exhibition in autumn and we artists of the studio house take part in an […]

Blank paper – A New Moon in Leo conjunct retrograde Venus

Today´s New Moon occurs at 14:35 UT at 21° Leo conjunct retrograde Venus at 23° Leo – a time for new beginnings concerning creativity, values, transformation and self-worth. Who creates what we are? What defines our value? What image of ourselves do we entertain? Maybe it is time to put a blank sheet of paper […]

New skins – A Black Moon in Leo

After all this time of change in my life I enjoy some quiet times. I allow myself to calm down and plan only for the next days. We have had sun and heat the last weeks: this is a real summer! It is Leo time – play time, relax time. Still a lot of Cancer […]