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Black Moon in Scorpio – Dark is Light

Always I loved the time when autumn deepens. The light fades, and the fields are empty. Tomorrow is even darker. A Black Moon at 7° Scorpio and a Mercury at 9° Scorpio close by, and a trine to a 9° Pisces Neptune. And the days after we celebrate a Day of the Dead, Halloween, Samhain, […]

Drawing 10

I wait

Dark spaces. Grand water trine – and a full moon.

The Scorpio theme is strong these days, Sun recently passed the conjunction with Saturn and the trine with Chiron. Mercury just left Scorpio for wide Sagittarius horizons. We are coming close to Samhain, Halloween, Dia des los Muertos. The veil is getting thin between us and “the other side”. You can not descend into the […]