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Deep thinking – Saturn transiting natal Mercury

Just in a few days in the future Saturn will transit my natal Mercury at 29° Scorpio in 12th house the third time. It is a strange time since Saturn is travelling though my 12th house. I know it means that I have to declutter my hidden self, and I read it could influence my […]

Sorting Data – Saturn transiting natal Mercury

Three days ago Saturn was exactly transiting my natal Mercury at 29°10 Scorpio the first time, the next dates are the 29.06. (retrograde) and 04.09. (direct) in 2015. The week was strange: it felt a bit like a retrograde Mercury. I am expecting a parcel since 4.12., it should have been at the post office, […]

Io Saturnalia!

We are in the middle of the Saturnalia, an ancient festivity that was celebrated the 17th of December. (Later they celebrated it 19. 12. until the 23.12. to embed both the old and the new date – after the Julian calendar reform, which added ten days to the year.) In the temple of Saturn in Rome […]

Dark zone – A stellium in Scorpio

Today are Sun, Saturn, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio. Venus escaped already into Sagittarius, lighting up this high density zone a bit. It is a time for digging deep, bringing the last remains of taboos and secrets to the surface before Saturn leaves the dark zone the 24.12.2014 for the higher realms of Sagittarius, setting […]

Soft – A progressed Moon in Sagittarius

Around a month ago my progressed Moon changed signs –  into Sagittarius. When my progressed Moon changed into Scorpio in April 2012, I was splitting up with my lover for six years, and I had for six months the worst possible love sickness I ever had. I knew for a longer time that I would […]

Heavy – Saturn transit opposite Moon

Since spring Saturn created an opposition with my natal Moon in Taurus. He passed the last time two weeks ago, and there is a weight on my shoulders lifting slowly, day by day. I wrote in March about my expectations for the transit: Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition Moon, and now I think, the […]

Calm – A Full Moon in Taurus

This is a strange Full Moon today, 14.05.2014, at 21:15 CET. Sun at 23° Taurus is conjunct my 22° natal Taurus Moon. The Full Moon sits at 23° Scorpio conjunct Saturn RX 19° Scorpio. It should feel like a constriction, this transiting Saturn in opposition to my natal Moon. It is true that the current […]