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More earth, more water – A Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The Solar Eclipse tomorrow 29.04. 2014 at 6:03 UT in 8° Taurus conjunct Mercury 12 °  closes the eclipse portal around the Cardinal Grand Cross. The energies of earth and water smooth out the high intensity of the last week. Sun, Moon and Mercury trine Pluto in Capricorn – the Taurus energy is reaching deep […]

A Taurus stellium – Structure of things

Earth, ground, gravity. What creates the structure and solidness of things? Matter is the volume and mass of things. We, as being soul material in human flesh, make our experiences on earth-bound by physical perception, in a body, by gravity, by our senses. Our world gets real by perceiving it, by the representation our brain […]

Post-Eclipsoid – The tide is turning

A surprising amount of profound changes happened around the time of the Solar Eclipse last week. It is said that Eclipses are initial sparks to endings and beginnings, sometimes the connected events are set up very close to the Eclipse itself. This time I found the number of  prompt incidents very noticeable. Both my life […]