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Heavy – Saturn transit opposite Moon

Since spring Saturn created an opposition with my natal Moon in Taurus. He passed the last time two weeks ago, and there is a weight on my shoulders lifting slowly, day by day. I wrote in March about my expectations for the transit: Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition Moon, and now I think, the […]


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“Darkness reflects the sun. Blackness reflects nothing.” (Roni Horn – Another Water) Blackest is the new black: Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can’t see it… Read the article here.    

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Orienting the compass – Nodes conjunct IC / MC axis

Parallel to my move into an art studio house the nodes transit my 24° IC Aries / MC Libra  axis. The North Node will be conjunct my MC the 28.06.2014, a few days before I leave my flat where I lived for five years. Not only my IC  in Aries, which is conjunct Mars 26° […]

Building up – Cardinal Grand Cross

The energy is building up – after the Lunar Eclipse from 15.04.2014 the tension is even stronger and intensifies every day. So much is happening, there is nobody I know who enjoys a quiet and relaxed time right now. The next week will be the most intense period where we can reach amazing breakthrough both […]

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