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Different this time – Chiron squaring natal Sun

Chiron at 16° Aries in 3rd house trines my natal Sun at 16° Sagittarius in 12th house and my AC at 20° Sagittarius: This is, even as a trine, not the most fun part in my chart. Over the years I see the positive potential in it, but in my youth it was simply awful. […]

Wounds – Chiron transiting natal Sun

My natal Chiron 16° in Aries third house trines my natal Sun 16°  in Sagittarius twelfth house: I have had problems in social context for many years even after my childhood. A “normal” social life was never my thing, I preferred retreat – reading, drawing, I was most happy when I was left alone. I […]

The darkest time – A Sun in 12th house

There is a paradox  in the meaning of the 12th house I like very much : A planet in the 12th house is hidden behind the ascendant as the interface to the world.  For example I am born short after sunrise, that makes my Sun a 12th house Sun conjunct the Ascendent. The Sun in […]