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Comfort – A Full Moon

A Full Moon at 3° Scorpio / Taurus – so soft, so deep, so comforting, with a trine from Neptune in Pisces, trine my natal Saturn at 2° Cancer, calming it, reflecting my natal Taurus Moon. The sky was clear last night, and the Moon so white and bright. My foot still gets physiotherapy, and […]

Dark zone – A stellium in Scorpio

Today are Sun, Saturn, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio. Venus escaped already into Sagittarius, lighting up this high density zone a bit. It is a time for digging deep, bringing the last remains of taboos and secrets to the surface before Saturn leaves the dark zone the 24.12.2014 for the higher realms of Sagittarius, setting […]

New ground – Another November Moon

One year ago, at the Eclipse at 13.11.2012, a new personal cycle started for me. Things ended there, things  started there. Now another November cycle is starting. Every year, in November, I feel under pressure, I have a kind of existential fear. I fear to lose my money, my ground, my job, my goals. It […]

High Density – A Stellium and an Eclipse in Scorpio

It is getting tight around here. Thinking, processing, analysing gets some extra weight by the conjunction of Sun, Mercury RX , Saturn and North Node in Scorpio *- and is highlighted by the exact Uranus square Pluto. They are clearing the space  for the Sun eclipse 03.11. at 10° Scorpio. Communication is more serious and […]