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Comfort – A Full Moon

A Full Moon at 3° Scorpio / Taurus – so soft, so deep, so comforting, with a trine from Neptune in Pisces, trine my natal Saturn at 2° Cancer, calming it, reflecting my natal Taurus Moon. The sky was clear last night, and the Moon so white and bright. My foot still gets physiotherapy, and […]

Heavy – Saturn transit opposite Moon

Since spring Saturn created an opposition with my natal Moon in Taurus. He passed the last time two weeks ago, and there is a weight on my shoulders lifting slowly, day by day. I wrote in March about my expectations for the transit: Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition Moon, and now I think, the […]

Serious stuff – Saturn transit opposition natal Moon

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my natal Taurus Moon in the fifth house. He first hit the exact opposition 20.01.2014, will move retrograde for the next hit 14.04.2014 and touch it again for the last time 14.10.2014. He moves through my eleventh house from 05.12.2013 till end of October 2015. The limiting influence of Saturn […]

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and a natal Taurus Moon

Let´s go deeper! The total Solar Eclipse will occur 13.11.2012  in 21°57 Scorpio  at 10:12:55 GMT. This event triggers again the dark and transforming powers of our inner, shadowy worlds. Long-evolved matters come to an end and new stories begin. (With the ongoing Neptune square retrograde Mercury the message seems to be unclear and ciphered, […]