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Core – Uranus transit IC

My desk vibrates as I write. I mean it vibrates in a real way – there is a wedding party the floor below, in our basement, our 120 square meter space, the wedding party of a couple which is friends with my love. They dance, it is very informal, it is a lot, and they […]

Wings – Uranus trine natal AC

Last Friday I went to a concert for Contemporary Music. I listened – and a space inside of me opened. It felt like I had wings, like the little diagonal muscle between spine and shoulder blades (I am sure you know where: it is the spot where the tension is) gave away into relaxation. I […]

Change – The final Uranus Pluto square

The world is changing, and we change, too. Since June 2012 we had six Uranus Pluto squares between 6° and 13° Aries Capricorn, and in two days, the 16.03.2015, we will have the last one at 15° Aries / Capricorn. There are many astro sources which describe the challenges of the process in detail, so […]

Wrong Number – An Aries Stellium transiting 3rd house

Mars, Venus, South Node and Uranus are forming a stellium in Aries these days, and Pluto is closing in to complete the last Uranus Pluto square from seven. So the time quality feels impulsive, raw and exciting to me. They all move through my 3rd house now, with a natal Chiron on 16°, IC 24° […]

Complications – Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries

So, today we have the last Mars in Libra opposition to Uranus in Aries at 16°,  and I am really happy that the energy will fade soon. My natal Chiron sits at 16°, too, and I had my share the last weeks. It does not help that I am the proud owner of a natal […]

A Tooth, a Muscle, a Nerve, a Pain

Since 20.03. the Sun wanders through Aries. This very day I passed the (written) first part of my exam. (Hooray!) Later the day my left lower jaw began to hurt. I thought: OK, it is the stress, a light inflammation of your gums, treat it, and everything will be fine in a few days. (Mars […]