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Rupture – Uranus transiting IC

In a few weeks it is over: Uranus transits for the third time my IC at 24° and my Mars at 26° Aries and opposes my natal Uranus at 26° Libra, so this is a trigger for the most intensive aspect in my natal chart. For the MC context I am fine at my bread-winning […]

A Diplomatic Challenge – Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra? Eight months??? This is a diplomatic challenge. You expect of Mars that he is straight and direct. He rules Aries, he goes forward, he takes, he is action, he is fast. He is different in Libra. He is aggressive the nice way. He says very politely what he wants. And does not […]

These boots are made for walking – Mars opposition Uranus

Impulsiveness, anger, explosion, tension, recklessness, intensity, impatience, aggression, danger, unpredictability, independence,trouble, fight. Difficult to handle, simply too much of it all. The image of masculinity is distorted, some say that this constellation comes with experience of a weak father. Strength, power, physical experience, body intelligence, “It is me or you and never a compromise”. All […]