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The most read posting on Emerging Pattern

  The following text I posted 06.05.2013 – and it is the most read posting on my blog. It seems like the Pluto in Libra generation experiences a lot of change these days…   Personal Revolution – Uranus opposing natal Pluto in Libra Uranus transiting the natal Pluto means upheaval, sudden changes, a fresh start. […]

Wrong Number – An Aries Stellium transiting 3rd house

Mars, Venus, South Node and Uranus are forming a stellium in Aries these days, and Pluto is closing in to complete the last Uranus Pluto square from seven. So the time quality feels impulsive, raw and exciting to me. They all move through my 3rd house now, with a natal Chiron on 16°, IC 24° […]

A Diplomatic Challenge – Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra? Eight months??? This is a diplomatic challenge. You expect of Mars that he is straight and direct. He rules Aries, he goes forward, he takes, he is action, he is fast. He is different in Libra. He is aggressive the nice way. He says very politely what he wants. And does not […]

High Density – A Stellium and an Eclipse in Scorpio

It is getting tight around here. Thinking, processing, analysing gets some extra weight by the conjunction of Sun, Mercury RX , Saturn and North Node in Scorpio *- and is highlighted by the exact Uranus square Pluto. They are clearing the space  for the Sun eclipse 03.11. at 10° Scorpio. Communication is more serious and […]

Wild Ride – A Uranus square Pluto Experience

Where the collective transformational process meets the personal life situation, change begins. Is the transformation we experience in our life  a subjective matter? In which degree we change because just of outer circumstances? Where is the fine line between the inner and the outer? Many of us experience major changes, induced by the Uranus square […]

A Saturn in Cancer and the Grand Water Trine

Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio are both at 5°22, Mercury in Cancer has passed this Grand trine already, Venus will catch up tomorrow. Uranus and Pluto are still squaring each other, influencing the Grand water trine and bringing impulses for transformation. At least it stopped raining in Europe, but there are the floods, […]

Personal Revolution – Uranus opposing natal Pluto in Libra

Uranus transiting the natal Pluto means upheaval, sudden changes, a fresh start. It means to air out stale spaces.It means breaking free of obsessions and structures we no longer need. The both revolutionary forces Uranus and Pluto, their intensive square June 2012 – March 2015, fighting between structure and impulse, are currently changing our world, […]