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Resources – Venus out of her Shadow

Yes, some time already passed since Venus left her shadow and completed her retrograde period the 09.10.2015. When I look back, the whole cycle was for me about resources, the material, the personal and the spiritual ones. My natal Venus sits in 0° Aquarius in my second house and went around my 26th year on […]

Collector’s Choice – Venus and Jupiter in 2nd house

In quirky Aquarius Venus and Jupiter behave a bit different. They ask: “Why not?” They are stubborn when they are told to act conservative. Together they are extra value-orientated, but their sense of value is more eccentric than conservative. They need space to shine and be the sometimes awkward, sometimes gracious unique being they are. […]

T Saturn square Venus 0°15 Aquarius

Just a few hours ago Saturn squared my freedom-loving Venus in Aquarius. I had some insights the last days since Saturn finally went into Scorpio, and not the kind of stuff I expected. Saturn is always about boundaries. So this transit is about my boundaries in context with love, attachment, values, money, luxury. My Venus […]