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Resources – Venus out of her Shadow

Yes, some time already passed since Venus left her shadow and completed her retrograde period the 09.10.2015. When I look back, the whole cycle was for me about resources, the material, the personal and the spiritual ones. My natal Venus sits in 0° Aquarius in my second house and went around my 26th year on […]

Into Beauty – Venus going direct

When Venus went direct 06.09.2015 at 14° Leo, I was not sad. The days before, when she already slowed down, I felt a strange form of pressure, sorting through my archive of stuff, old clothing and so on. I am sorting through many things now, decluttering my space. I read about the “Konmari” method of […]

Cash check – A Retrograde Venus in Capricorn

A retrograde Venus requests us to have a close look on our values. The request of having a look coming from a  retrograde Venus in Capricorn is even more inevitable. Here we talk about the “hard stuff” – do we feel like we deserve the “good stuff”? What do we value – truly? Is love […]

Personal Values – A Jupiter Retrograde

The days Jupiter went retrograde and Venus entered Capricorn, around 06./07.11.2013, my focus changed. I was relaxed about money matters for most of the year. Now I started to worry. I needed to find out if I had a reason to worry or not. Venus and Jupiter are natally in my second house in Aquarius, […]