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Into Beauty – Venus going direct

When Venus went direct 06.09.2015 at 14° Leo, I was not sad. The days before, when she already slowed down, I felt a strange form of pressure, sorting through my archive of stuff, old clothing and so on. I am sorting through many things now, decluttering my space. I read about the “Konmari” method of […]

Good Lovers Lie – An Article about Love and Lies in NYTimes

Today is Valentine´s Day – and I came across that fantastic article “Good Lovers Lie“, written by Clancy Martin in NYTimes 07.02.2015. This sweet day, so sweet that my teeth hurt, filled with all this exclamations about true and romantic love, asks more about what we expect of love than what love truly is. I […]

Smoothing out – Venus transiting DC

Oh, you beautiful Venus! She is crossing my DC now, and my world is getting nice again after all this weeks of hard work. It feels good to give a smile more than necessary, to be kind and nice, to give a little extra to the world. A customer complaint I had to write today […]

A Superior Conjunction

“… for I am shadowed with the circle of the sonne : and covered with the morning clouds …” (from: I am the dowghter of fortitude, Text received by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, 1587) Today is Sun conjunct Venus in 08°28´Aries in a Superior Conjunction at 16:28 UT. The Sun is in a […]

Venus in Scorpio – Babalon and the Female Divine

Venus is moving through Scorpio from 22.11. – 16.12.2012. She adds some passion and spice into this recent North Node – Eclipse – Saturn – Scorpio – Mix. In her detriment, in this cold and watery sign, she does not feel very safe and well , she prefers some ground under her feet. She is naked […]